Mayo Veterinary Services also offers complete fracture management surgery for your dog or cat–including IM pinning, interlocking nails, bone plating, and external fixation techniques. The choice of implants is often dictated by the type of fracture present, as well as the clients’ ability to pay for the procedure. Contact us via email: or by phone: 425-967-7999 to schedule a consultation or ask for more information.


Intramedullary pinning is the quickest and cheapest form of fracture repair available (after casting and splinting). IM pinning is safest when appropriately applied to a limited number of types of fractures. The best type of fracture for IM pinning is the oblique fracture in which the bone has only fractured into two pieces. IM pinning also works very well in younger dogs. Other limited types of fractures such as those through physeal growth plates also work very well with IM pinning or k-wire applications. IM pins are inserted into the medullary cavity of the bone, and must be removed in 6-8 weeks.

IM pin used to repair a long oblique fracture of the femur.


Bone plating is the “Caddilac” of fracture repair. When applied appropriately, bone plates can accomodate most types and locations of fractures. The plate is bent to fit the broken bone, then the plate is screwed to the fractured bone. Most plates are left in place if possible; some should be removed. Bone plating takes more skill to perform, but is much more adaptable than other methods of fracture repair. Bone plating is also more expensive.

Bone plate used on a fractured radius on a dog that weighs 8 pounds.