Endoscopy is the visualization of a body part through a camera. It is most commonly done for (1) study of the stomach for cases of vomiting, (2) study of the nose for chronic discharges, and (3) study of the bladder for determination of the presence of cancer, stones, or congenital problems.

For vomiting and diarrhea cases, we currently use the ALICAM, a small pill that your pet swallows and it takes video and pictures inside the intestinal tract. The camera is then sent to a specialist who works closely with Dr Mayo to help determine the cause of the GI upset. The camera is safer than traditional endoscopy because your pet does not have to be put to sleep for the procedure. The pill is swallowed on an empty stomach, then your pet eats, and you capture the pill 18-24 hours later and send it in the the internist. For more information, contact Dr Mayo.