We are so impressed with Puddin’s recovery this time! She is like a puppy again. We are so fortunate to have found you guys. Thank you! You two provide such a great service for us.

You Changed our Family, Thank you…
— Judith S.

Dear Jeff,

What a pleasure you have been for my two Border collies, Rhett and Raygan. Truly, I found no other Veterinarian with the talents you have. With Rhett’s Hip dysplasia, your procedure has removed pain that was causing difficulties for Rhett to walk. No other Veterinarian that I have used in the past had the talent to perform such a procedure. With Raygan, your procedure of Stem Cell Therapy for Raygan’s right foot and paw, has provided her with energy that she had before deterioration caused by arthritis.

I have and I will continue to recommend you to other concerned pet parents.

— Richard W.

My 7 year old Doberman/Rottweiler dog, Gracie, tore her ACL in the summer of 2012. We began investigating her options and were pretty unhappy with the choices we found, until we found you. In December of 2012 you happened to be talking to some people in the waiting room at Tahoma Veterinary Hospital and I overheard you talking with them about their dog’s torn ACL. I was then introduced to you by our vet Dr. Suzannah Strauss. We scheduled the TTA surgery immediately. It was sort of daunting with all the physical therapy and all. Our house is a tri-level on uneven terrain, so every aspect of Gracie’s care was a challenge. Her progress seemed so slow, but progress she did. It probably took about 8 months for her to get her life back. She has developed new confidence and can now play ball with all the gusto that she had before her injury. We are so grateful to you for giving us our sweet girl back, and that we can have a good long future with her. Thank you so much.

— Terri M.

After having, apparently, drawn the short straw and gone through five knee surgeries on our three dogs I cannot express how fortunate we’ve been to have run across Dr. Mayo a few years ago. Prior to our first surgery we knew nothing of the process and ended up talking with several local orthopedic surgeons; each time coming away unimpressed. It was then that, by sheer luck, we ran across Dr. Mayo, met with him, and knew immediately that this was the man that we wanted to operate on our four-legged baby. There is no doubt in my mind that this was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

I don’t use this term lightly, but I feel comfortable saying that Dr. Mayo is a genius. Not only is he on the cutting edge of technology and treatment options in his field, but, unlike most vets/surgeons that we’ve dealt with, his approach is sometimes unconventional and often informal. That’s one of the things that makes him special. He cuts right through the BS and is not afraid to tell it like it is, which is so refreshing.

At this point Dr. Mayo is (probably much to his chagrin) the first person that my wife will call whenever there’s a pet-related issue in our household. He’s even gotten back to us while on vacation on a weekend. He truly is amazing and I don’t know what we’d have done without him.

Thanks, Jeff, for all of your hard work and great advice over the years.

— Joe and Jen F.

Dr. Mayo,

Every Thanksgiving, I take a moment to think back on the gifts I have been blessed with this year. I wanted you to know that your knowledge and skill in healing our yellow Lab “Remi” is at the top of my list. Bringing him back to full health after a TPLO on each lef seems like a miracle. It is because of you that he is able to enjoy a full life. We worked hard at his rehab and he has regained much of his muscle loss. He continues to get no less than a 3 mile walk out in the brush here in Eastern Washington. As you can see here from the pictures below, he made it up Lookout Mountain at the Columbia Gorge. We don’t go as far with him as we used to. We read his signs and can tell when he’s had enough. So I wanted you to know what a blessing you have been to us as you have been to so many people and their dogs. Some people never know what their purpose is in life but clearly teacher and surgeon are the gifts you give to many. Happy Thanksgiving, Dr. Mayo. We are so thankful for you.

— Mark and Lynne S.

We really cannot say enough good things about Dr. Jeff Mayo’s veterinary/surgical services. He is not only an amazingly skilled and accomplished animal surgeon, and a groundbreaker in new surgical procedures, he is an extremely kind person who truly cares about giving animals a great quality of life. My 13 year old Westie’s knees were both blown out, and he used a procedure called the Modified Maquet Technique which is relatively new to this country, but is used in the U.K. with great results. He diagnosed him quickly, told us our options and did not rip us off.

His services are affordable because he is mobile and uses the facilities of outside vet hospitals so doesn’t have the overhead costs of maintaining the hospital. He is very patient and constantly accessible with the million questions you will probably have. He and his vet tech, Kendra, were absolutely wonderful. They are both dedicated, compassionate and just very real people who love what they do. They understand it’s a very difficult time for you and your dog and are great at explaining things simply and reassuringly. Our dog is now on the mend and will have the strongest little bionic legs in the neighborhood, thanks to Dr. Mayo.

We highly recommend Mayo Veterinary Services – they are affordable and you are really getting one of the best surgeons in the country. Google him, he consults and teaches all over the world and is highly respected in the field. It’s such a win/win situation, we can’t believe our luck in finding him through Angel Pet Hospital in Edmonds. We really do not know what we would have done otherwise with the awful condition our poor dog was in.

If your dog has knee or joint problems, please do yourself a favor and check out their website and call them now!! You will not get any runaround and will receive an honest assessment of the situation and a reasonable quote.

Thank you, Dr. Mayo and Kendra, for your kindness and immense talents. We appreciate you so much!

— Sandy, Bill, and Malcolm (Malky) C.

Thank you Mayo Veterinary Services for all the love and care provided to keep our furry family members happy and healthy over the past 20 years! Tino (our Bichon Frise) and Kellie and Kasey (our two tuxedo cats) truly appreciate the personalized and dedicated attention you give them. We all like to think of Dr Mayo as our family pediatrician rather than as our vet!

— Mona, Harvey, Tino, Kellie, and Kasey G.

Read a thing last night that made me think of you. It’s like you can walk into a practice carrying a candle. Symbolizing knowledge, once lit others can come over and light their candle. As each candle gets lit, more light comes into the room. The way I see it is you brought a lot of light into my practice and now I can see everything in a new light.

— Dr. Paul Weiseth

Just a word to let you know how well my dog Jake is doing. We have retired and moved to Texas and Jake is lovin’ it. We are in East Texas so there are lots of woods here. Oak trees that are full of squirels, and fields full of armadillos, (dillas, as they are called down here) and he runs his heart out. His leg is completely healed and one would never know he had been hurt. My wife and I thank you often when we see him run and enjoy his active life. We hope this finds you and yours well and having a wonderful holiday season…..Best wishes and thank you!!

— Carl, Cindy, and Jake

Hi Dr. Mayo, Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how wonderfully well Harley is doing. He’s now 5-1/2 weeks post surgery and doing great. There hasn’t been any sign of a limp since the day we brought him home after the surgery. I’m having x-rays taken this Friday to see how the surgical site is healing, and I’m hoping he’s healed enough to start some serious rehab. We’ve followed your instructions to the letter and he’s up to 20 minute walks and begging for more, with no signs of soreness. I can’t thank you enough. Hope you and your family have a very nice holiday.

— Karen & Harley

The SCIL TTA class is one of the best C.E. classes I have ever attended. Dr. Mayo’s practical approach made the TTA procedure easy to understand. The best part was actually performing the TTA with Dr. Mayo at my hospital. He is truly a gifted teacher and I can’t believe how well the dogs walked the next day!

— James T. Middendorf Jr., DVM

Hello Jeff:

I don’t expect you to remember us, but we brought our dog Mac down to Seattle from Whitehorse for TPLO surgery in Sept. 2007.

To really endorse the success of surgery needs the element of time and now over 3 years later I just want to say thank you again for the pleasure Mac continues to give us as he enjoys life – full speed ahead.

— Ursula O. and Sott W.