We would highly consider finding a Veterinarian Specialist known as a DACVSMR (Diplomate of the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation,) Licensed Veterinary Technician Specialist in Physical Rehabilitation, CCRP (Certified Canine Rehab Practioner) CCRA (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant,) CCRT (Certified Canine Rehab Therapist) OR a CCFT (Certified Canine Fitness Trainer/Therapist) to conduct any type of rehab/fitness regimen on your pet. All of these credentials require a minimum of 2-5 years of studying, continuing education programs and are reserved for individuals who carry veterinary medical licenses. There are many choices to allow you to find a veterinary allied-professional to aid your pet in recovery. Please research the individual providing your pets care to ensure they are appropriately qualified.

Sunset Hill Veterinary & Rehabilitation Center
(206) 706-7800

206 935 8299

Animal Wellness and Rehabilitation Center
(425) 455-8900

Splashdog Canine Well-Being Center
206 546 5309

Four Paws Wellness and Rehabilitation
360 753 7297

Summit Veterinary Referral Center
253 983 1114

Northshore Veterinary Hospital
(360) 738-6916

Kulshan Veterinary Hospital

There may be many more facilities and rehabilitation/fitness providers that are not listed. Please click on the following links to find individuals that may not publicly advertise their services for more information.


There is a free app available that can assist you during the recovery period. The link is at www.surgerysam.com. This app loads onto your phone and accesses free videos that will help you recover your pet from surgery. We highly suggest you download this before surgery so you can be prepared.

For individuals who may not be able to afford rehabilitative care, we recommend going to Topdoghealth.com. There you will find helpful, at-home exercises that you can do with little to no special equipment.