Install the app,, onto your phone to assist you in the preoperative and postoperative periods of recovery. This app is FREE. It will enable you to communicate with us through text message and send us photos of the surgical site.

No food after midnight prior to surgery. Water is ok before you leave the house.

If you are administering any NSAID, please discontinue it THREE days prior to surgery. It seems to prolong bleeding.

If you wish to have PRP-HA or stem cells injected into the knee during surgery, please contact us. We sometimes need a week to prepare for stem cell harvesting. There is more information to the benefits on this website.

If you would like us to contact you after surgery, please leave us a note at the hospital.

For knee surgery, we are not going to make your pet 100% ever, only better than they are. Please keep expectations in line with this. Some knees do really well, some need additional pain support due to arthritis.

Suture removal is done at the hospital that the surgery was performed, or you can have your regular vet do that. If you would like us to contact your regular vet after surgery, please leave us his or her contact information before surgery.

Please finish all medication, particularly for pain. Sometimes you may need a refill, please call your regular vet first.

Recovery can take 4-6 months from knee surgery, and the other limb is frequently subjected to enough stress that the ligament also tears. Some dogs have additional stifle injuries that may go undiagnosed at first, or occur after surgery due to using the limb too much.

Skin infections are not uncommon in dogs after surgery. If you see signs, please let us know. Remember that the tap water in our area is CONTAMINATED with bacteria so do not use it on your pet’s wounds.

If you want to do stem cell therapy, we need 10 days notice to get the necessary permission from the lab to culture them.