Dr. Robert “Jeff” Mayo, DVM, DABVP
Owner, Surgeon

Dr. Robert “Jeff” Mayo was born in Virginia, and moved to Idaho in 1978. He attended college in Boise, and moved to North Carolina briefly, then returned to the northwest (Oregon) to attend veterinary school. Since graduation, he has made Lynnwood, Washington his home.

Dr. Mayo graduated from Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994 with honors as well, he has a second Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University. Prior to veterinary school, Dr. Mayo was a respiratory therapist at Duke University Medical Center, and received his training in that field from Boise State University, graduating with a degree in 1986. He practiced many different facets of respiratory therapy until 1990, at which he entered veterinary school full time. Dr. Mayo holds 5 college degrees from three major Universities. Dr. Mayo has published over 30 titles in allied health science education.

Dr. Mayo purchased his first veterinary practice in 1995 in Lynnwood, Washington, and his second practice in 2000, also in Lynnwood. Dr. Mayo devoted much of his practice time to learning new procedures in rigid endoscopy, orthopedics, and radiosurgery. He began his mobile surgical practice, Mayo Veterinary Services, in early 2006. In 2007, Dr. Mayo began teaching orthopedic courses throughout the United States and abroad in small animals.

He passed the certification program administered by the Veterinary Laser Surgical Society in February 2005. This program certifies competency amongst veterinarians for proper use and understanding of lasers in small animal surgical applications.

In November of 2007, Dr. Mayo earned his Diplomate status in the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, with certification in Canine and Feline Practice. For more information, go to their website, www.abvp.com.

From to 2008 to now, Dr. Mayo has flown and taught internationally in Japan, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Australia and several other countries. Dr. Mayo has trained hundreds if not over a thousand Veterinarians on laser surgery, radiosurgery, orthopedics and soft tissue surgery as well as regenerative medicine and alternative therapies.

Dr. Mayo has lectured at dozens of national and international veterinary conferences further sharing his knowledge to other veterinarians to better serve the patients and communities.

As of 2018, Dr. Mayo performs surgery, primarily orthopedics, in the Long Beach, California area while still providing care, full time, to hundreds of patients in Washington State.

Dr. Mayo’s peak interests includes knee surgeries, fracture repairs, second opinions, radiosurgery, alternative sterilization and regenerative medicine.

Nicole LaForest, BSc, LVT, RVT, CCFT
Practice Director, WSAVT President

Nicole is a Licensed Veterinary Technician in Washington State and carries dual credentialing in California as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Before becoming a veterinary technician, Nicole worked in a government funded animal shelter before moving onward to work in general practice privately and in a corporate setting. After several years in general practice, Nicole moved on to work at a large emergency hospital in Seattle, WA as the triage/ICU supervisor for the night shift. Emergency medicine is where she honed her technical skills. After exhausting herself emotionally and mentally, Nicole exited her coveted role and began working with Dr. Mayo in 2015 where she serves as his practice manager; subsequently managing communication with 40 hospitals in her area where they perform surgery. Nicole accompanies Dr. Mayo for every surgery and will serve as your pets anesthetists, phlebotomist, surgical, radiology, pharmacy, laboratory technician and professional cuddler. Nicole accompanies Dr. Mayo to fly to various states and other countries to teach Veterinarians and their veterinary technicians/nurses how to successfully manage orthopedic patients’ multiple times annually.

Nicole has taught nationally and internationally at some of the largest Veterinary conferences and Universities. In 2016, Nicole and Dr. Mayo took part in a documentary on regenerative medicine for the British Veterinary Medical Association and have since taken part in several commercials, infomercials, news and radio specials as well as several how-to videos. Nicole works closely and independently with Kong Veterinary Products, Animal Orthocare, and Jorgensen’s Laboratories to develop and research their various rehabilitative and/or regenerative products.

In May of 2017, Nicole was nominated to be President of the Washington State Association of Veterinary Technicians and hopes to tackle and promote hot-topics in veterinary technology at a national level if and when she survives her term.

At the end of 2017, Nicole became 1 of 10 credentialed veterinary technicians in the world, and the first in Washington State, to obtain her Certified Canine Fitness Trainer credential which is a 1-2-year certificate program offered through the University of Tennessee and FitPaws. She now speaks internationally to other professionals on how being a certified “prehabber” changes the way we should manage all of our orthopedic cases.

At the end of 2017, Nicole took on the difficult task of challenging NAVTA to make a veterinary technician specialty (VTS) for regenerative medicine. Though, her mission is still in its’ infancy stage; NAVTA has been relatively receptive of the concept.

Courtney Wilson, CVA
Office Assistant/Certified Veterinary Assistant

Courtney is a certified veterinary assistant in Washington State and California. She is in her final year in a veterinary technician distance learning program at San Juan College and intends to graduate spring of 2020 and earn dual credentialing in Washington State and California. Before entering the veterinary field, Courtney served in the US Navy, launching and recovering aircraft on the flight-deck of an aircraft carrier. Courtney finished her first enlistment in the Navy and subsequently left the service to finish her Associates degree.

Courtney moved on to work for one of the largest pet insurance companies in the United States, Trupanion. This is where she discovered her passion for veterinary medicine and advocating for animals. After two years at Trupanion, Courtney exited to pursue her passion and become a veterinary technician.

Courtney has been assisting in a small animal clinic honing her technical skills for the last three years; she has become Fear Free certified and hopes to eventually earn her Veterinary Technician Specialty (VTS) in Anesthesia and Analgesia.

When Courtney is not in the clinic or assisting Nicole and Dr. Mayo, she is volunteering with the California Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps, helping with disaster response or with her two Labradors Retrievers competing in various dog sporting events and hiking.

Wilma and Flint(stone)
Office Manager and Assistant Manager

Wilma (Pictured left) was born in April 2013 outside of Aberdeen, Washington. Wilma has been lounging around dozens of veterinary hospitals in the Puget Sound Area. She grew up with a large Pitbull and is a professional fetcher and loves to have her belly rubbed. Wilma also sleeps on her face; causing her whiskers to point up and inward.

Flint (Pictured Right) was born in March of 2017 in Snohomish, Washington. Flint is Wilma’s right hand man and hasn’t quite developed respect for personal space; but Wilma doesn’t mind. You will often catch him perched on the back of chairs or sleeping in sinks. His favorite food is tomatoes and he dislikes catnip.

Both Flint and Wilma are stem cell patients! Wilma has congenital liver disease and a heart murmur while Flint has a clean bill of health. Our hope is to contribute to the regenerative medicine community by collecting data when they are in need of treatment.