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Rehabilitation Recommendations


For more information on after-care instructions for dogs that have undergone an orthopedic surgical procedure, visit the following web pages:





Any CCL Repair:





Patellar Luxation:



For those in the greater Puget Sound area, read the following information about water therapy for rehabilitation:




SplashDog Canine Well-Being Center opened in 2004 as SplashDog Spa and provides warm water therapy; massage, range of motion, & swimming exercises, for dogs that have mobility issues.  Issues such as arthritis, hip/elbow dysplasia, spinal degeneration/disc deterioration and injuries, muscle weakness and atrophy, ligament tears, pre and post surgery rehabilitation.  SplashDog also has sessions for dogs that need to exercise for conditioning, weight loss and behavior issues.  Teaching dogs to swim properly is part of the process of every session and swim lessons are also taught to healthy dogs of any age to assure their guardians that they are able to swim safely.

Our Mission:


SplashDog is referred by many Veterinarians in the area as a form of rehabilitation for their clients and for help in increasing mobility as well.  Canine water therapy has become very popular in the Pacific Northwest and is growing throughout the Country and the world.  Many pools exist and more are opening all the time.  SplashDog’s focus is always on the well-being of the individual dog.  We strive to understand exactly what is going on with the individual, what issues they are dealing with, what their specific health issues are, their temperament, emotional state and their quality of life so that we can customize their sessions to help them reach their highest potential.

There is no licensing or certification in Washington for canine water therapy.  Anyone can open a pool and let dogs swim there.  However, Washington does require a LMP (licensed massage practitioner), SAMP (small animal massage practitioner), LAMP (large animal massage practitioner), PT (physical therapist), Veterinarian, or Vet. Tech. license to do professional hands on work with dogs.  SplashDog requires that anyone working in the pool with canine clients be licensed LMP, or SAMP’s at the least.    



I. Therapy Swim Session


With a SAMP in the pool the dog receives massage, is assisted with range of motion exercises and stretching and a routine of swimming based on the condition(s) of the dog and the desired outcome.

Most beneficial for the dog that has difficulty with mobility due to injury, degenerative conditions or needs to regain mobility post surgery.


II. Assisted Swim Session

A SAMP or swim technician is in the water with the dog controlling the exercise and movement for optimal exercise and swim technique.

Most beneficial for dogs that have pent up energy, need overall conditioning or muscle building, overweight dogs and those who need practice swimming and gaining water confidence.

Self Swim Session

The guardian of the dog is responsible for the dog’s time in the pool after completing a mandatory training session with a SplashDog SAMP.  The self swim is great for people that want to be in the water with their dog, playing and helping them exercise.  Water handling is not as easy as people tend to think but it is a rewarding way to spend quality, bonding time with your dog.

III. Laser Treatment


A non-invasive, hand-held laser light used for acute and chronic conditions such as skin conditions, sprains, post surgical healing, periodontal disease and arthritis as examples.  The laser machine has been provided SplashDog by Dr. Mayo and the SAMP’s at SplashDog have been instructed in the operation for various conditions.


Contact information:



SplashDog Canine Well-Being Center

9679 Firdale Avenue, Edmonds, WA


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