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Have we seen your pet in the past year? Are you in need of parasite control or supplements? 
Please find our preferred list below!

Joint Supplements:

  • Dasaquin w/ MSM (Tablets or Chews)
  • Cosequin 
  • Pettura Healthy Pets (Contact us for direct order.)

Flea/Tick Control:

  • Comfortis
  • Revolution 
  • Bravecto 
  • NexGard

Flea/Heartworm: (Must have proof of negative heart worm test.)

  • Revolution
  • Trifexis 


  • Heartgard
  • Iverhart
  • Sentinel 

*Use code Welcome62 for $5 off your first order.*

If you are looking to request or renew a prescription for a pet that we have seen in the past year, please click here.    

Due to the sheer numbers of clients and patients that we have, at this time we are unable to call in and fax prescriptions to your local pharmacy. 

We offer a full service, online pharmacy that allows us to easily input you and your pets information on the-go. Our pharmacy offers common medications, compounds, supplements and more. Our online pharmacy allows us to give you the same products at comparable prices to your local pharmacy and will ship it directly to your door!